FAQ's about soft skills:

Are soft skills important for a successful career? Well, technical and job related skills are required to a great extent when a person enters the professional world but as one progresses further they are NOT enough. Soft skills are very important for a successful career these days. If one has a very sound knowledge of the subject but is unable to express opinions clearly, then people donít take that person seriously. As one grows further in the career, whether as a manager working for large multinationals or as a self employed person, soft skills help the person in effective communication, developing strong interpersonal skills, fostering team spirit, handling stress, persuasive public speaking and problem solving.

Can one learn soft skills? The answer to this is "YES". One can learn soft skills provided the person takes it seriously, follows the lessons judiciously and practices guidelines regularly. Like other skills such as getting trained in classical music, playing guitar or learning salsa, soft skills can also be learned.

Can one get trained on soft skills? There is a lot of argument whether formal training of few weeks would enhance your soft skills or not, especially when a person has lived with those traits all his life. Research has shown that formal training enhances soft skills. This is the reason why more and more companies are offering these programs for their staff members.

Can young students also learn soft skills? Learning on soft skills becomes all the more relevant in a country like India, because we do not have it in our academic curricula and the education system does not look into successful personality development.

As a high school teacher how my students get benefited from these soft skills? Soft skills will help your students in improving their communication skills, grammar skills, problem solving ability, leadership, time & stress management, teamwork, presentation and public speaking. Moreover, by learning these skills at an early age will help students in mastering these skills over a longer period. This will help them in effectively dealing with people and impact fully presenting them.


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